Saturday, January 9, 2010


Have you ever wondered if you can get those old photos back? Those MP3's that ya liked so much, perhaps even Aunty Pam's family recipes?

Well ya can it's pretty easy really and cheap... all one needs is an IDE-SATA to USB2 converter these can be had for about $20.00. An example is shown below.

Right now you have gotten your "Hardware" well now you have to download the "Software" to help "Recover" any data that is available. The links are supplied below. Copy & Paste to your browser.

You see whenever data is "Deleted" it generally is NOT actually Deleted... in actual fact all that is done is that the first letter of the file is changed generally to a ? or a # example Explorer.exe would become ?xplorer.exe or #xplorer.exe, not recognisable as anything to the computer. But what ever encryptor character it is it will not be decoded as a valid entry, hence will not work.

Now when Data is "Formatted" over. The entire file system is relatively untouched, the FAT tables, the File Attribute Tables, the data area telling the computer where the files are on the disk, is simply zeroed, ready to start over again... so all the files are there names intact and all. What needs to be done is find them, and copy them to another place.

Now first we shall connect up and see if we can get anything offa that drive, so we connect up our IDE/SATA drive to the hard Drive and connect the "Other" end to the USB port on the PC.

It will detect and install all necessary drivers. Hopefully the drive should then "Pop-up" in "My Computer" and now it can be accessed via Explorer to copy & paste any files as you see fit... IF however you see nothing do not despair... well not right yet anyhow .. :) we still have ways to make it "talk". Now we use dead drive tools. The best, being found at they, have free versions for private use :) ...

The software these days is foolproof and intuitive to use. it really is, just the fact, that you have taken the first step and got the USB device that will enable you to be successful. You will find a plethora of Free & Pay For, software, if you are going to choose a certain sort of recovery program, don't just download it... do a bit of research, go onto associated "Forums" "FYI'S" "WiKiS" and see what is being said about it all. You will be amazed at what you will learn.

Right now go and recover that data!

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