Thursday, January 28, 2010

200 Portable Apps

I love portable apps so here are two hundred of them. Enjoy.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I use FIXYA you should too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In my day, I had to sip.. NOT sup :)

The cost of University Education, & soup sipping
Ya know the cost of education is sure expensive, ha I hear ya all say, tell me something I don't know, well how about my son's law book that cost a cool NZ$99.99+GST (12.5% Tax). I mean he said he knew how expensive it was gonna be, so he got himself a part-time job, got himself a scholarship, and whatever government assistance he is entitled.

Now even with all of this he is still finding things incredably expensive. He lives at home, so I dunno how the ones that don't make out, as the cost of supporting yourself in a flat appartment whatever is just heaps.

As another Um .. "Hurdle" lol .. the powers that be, deign that any Allowences are not to be paid out until the Third week of the semester... trouble is ya need the books and supplies right from the get go, not 3 weeks later.

He told me that there are a myriad of "Types" in his Law class, ones who have every book and gadget known to assist them, some with brief-cases and A4 pads, some with Digital Note recorders and some with the latest Laptop and accessories to digitally devour the lesson. Then he turns around and informs me that the "lesson" is also "Posted" on the internet after classes finished for class members to download and use however. I asked him what sort he was... he said, a bit from all collums ..

He seems to be amazed at the amount of work he has to get through, I thought back to my days, and chuckled... well inwardly at least, good grief I said in my day I had to transport my "Books" around in a wheeled airline handle bag, as did everyone esle for that matter more or less, either that or trapse right back accross campius to the lockers, and that was, IF, ya could even get a locker.. so he just dunno how lucky he is man.

He can store all his notes on a bloody memory stick, or download it from the web, listen to it again, and again, from his MP4 player, that he used to record the lecture, man I woulda given my right arm to have a recorder in my day, **** .. well I guess I could have had one, it woulda been hard finding the power socket though, and the extension cord, could pose a bit of bother... Oh there were battery ones the size of house brick and as heavy. He can digitise it all and store it on a laptop, upload and download resources and lessons yup he's got it hard alright... still there is just so much more to learn now that the load is staggering and if one didn't have all the support there would simply be no way to do it, the entire thing is just so intensive, and now it all on-line.. ya know I am jelous I really am going to University these days is just amazing the amount and quality of resources that are at hand are just awesome compared to what I had access to, and yet we all used to get results it is just now I think the results have more substance to it more depth more body, cause we get more information all a tonce we are saturated with it, every concievable fact can be found and presented and stored away for future reference.

It is true, as I have said to my Son, it's not so much the learning, as, it is the learning to learn, that is important. These days as I have just said, the sheer volume af data that must be processed and presented is enormous, yet the young are absorbing it all like the proverbial sponge, there is obviously no limit as to the amount of data that can be processed, and it is all only made possible because of the digital age, and computers and the Internet have changed everything now. Everything is now organised, assignments are Emailed, typed out complete with hard copy, DVD & Power Point Presentations, PDF formats, students sign in and out, there is no escaping the digital trail followed and left.

So I just think that the costs involved to "Buy" your education is a shame, I got my education for FREE, 100%, Books, Fees, the lot.. BUT my education was more like thin soup in comparrison to the Hearty Stew Brerakfast that the students of today get, oh don't get me wrong, my soup was very satisfying and was the serving of the day for all, but now, students get a richness of experiance that I frankly envy, yes, the Thick Stew students get these days is far and above what was served in my day.. so I say sup it up, take your fill, gorge untill you can digest no more 'cause your lucky to do so, in my day I had to sip soup.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well it's Twenty Ten, 2010 time to Backup

Well it's Twenty Ten, 2010..... and time marches on.. & on. Although, technology is more & more approaching the "Jetsons" lol In actual fact, really, we are nowhere near that "Level", yet.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not knocking anything, simply stating a fact. With that said though, we still have made amazing technological achievements, but really it seems that a lot of the things meant to help us. and make our lives easier, in fact, actually seem to complicate things.

More and more people are relying on their technology to offset having to actually DO things. In fact, if any, of these devices, that one relies on so much, mucks up or fails, then lives are thrown into turmoil as they haven't a copy, or a "Back-up", of all their important data, facts, figures, phone numbers, contact details, etc. If these precious cargo's are lost, a considerable amount of collateral damage can occur.

So what is the answer... ? simple.. BACKUP... make sure you have a copy of every item of yours that has a memory.... from the Cell Phone, PDA, to the humble PC. Now this may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be at all. OK, so how do we do it?

We shall start by accruing the "Tools" we shall need. Now one of the things that is amazing is Memory .. no not yours, but the silicon version, in particular, Flash Drive memory. Memory sticks, Flash Drives, USB "Drives" They are available in anything from >256MB to <32GB & are relatively inexpensive. Now to my mind these are the new floppy disk, CD/DVD. I believe they are the ideal storage medium to backup all of the data you just can't afford to loose.

Now depending on the amount of data you need to backup will dictate the size you need. 1GB, & 2GB are probably the handiest, they are cheap and easy to find and use. I would buy them 5 - 10 up depending on the amount of data you need to store. Recently a store near us was having a promotion with USB 2, 2GB Flash drives for under ten bucks, so I bought 10 of them. That's 200GB of "Flash" storage for under a hundred bucks... smile.gif

The software links below, are for Phone SIM, Hard Drive, & PDA Backups. & A Flash Formatter. They are all Freeware and just plain work. <> <> <> <> <>

Now the software above is not the be-all-and-end-all... it is simply a example of what is needed. There are heaps of great programs that will do what we want, some free some to be purchased whichever one you choose make sure you can understand and use it, often a friend will recommend a software that they them-self use, now, this may indeed be suitable for you too, with the added plus that your friend will be able to show you how to use it.

Ok now that we have our software, we must install it, and put it to use. I would also suggest that one gets oneself a Dymo or similar label maker. This is so that you can annotate the USB drive with the contents for quick identification.

Now remember that generally you only want to backup your DATA only. NOT, the Operating System. So the amount of initial data will dictate the size of USB drive you will use, but I find the handy 2GB ones ideal.

Also it is possible to get a USB portable Hard Drive, right up to a Terabyte, and this too, can be used for backups, some even come with software pre-installed to automatically backup your system whenever it is connected. These are especially useful if there are huge amounts of data to be backed up.

So basically it is: Format your drive with tool provided, fire up the relevant software you are going to use to Backup. Following the instructions of your preferred Backup Software As an aside here although links have been provided for Software to backup, there is a simpler way. The good old windows copy & paste. This can be used in almost all situation for simply copying files.

But it is indeed preferable to use software that compresses and incrementally backs up automatically, as this removes the human error part.

Now there is another novel way to backup which actually doesn't require anything except a connection to the internet. It is web based backup,now this may cost a small fee. but I feel that it would be well worth the cost, simply for the peace of mind that is afforded. I have found a good information article here >

This is probably the most "Modern" approach to backing up, and I feel that it will be the future indeed. If one goes this way one don't need to carry round a bundle of flash drives. Simply hop on the net run the software and your back in business.

If however you don't trust the Web or are afraid of privacy matters then I guess that the Flash drive method is for you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Saturday, January 9, 2010


Have you ever wondered if you can get those old photos back? Those MP3's that ya liked so much, perhaps even Aunty Pam's family recipes?

Well ya can it's pretty easy really and cheap... all one needs is an IDE-SATA to USB2 converter these can be had for about $20.00. An example is shown below.

Right now you have gotten your "Hardware" well now you have to download the "Software" to help "Recover" any data that is available. The links are supplied below. Copy & Paste to your browser.

You see whenever data is "Deleted" it generally is NOT actually Deleted... in actual fact all that is done is that the first letter of the file is changed generally to a ? or a # example Explorer.exe would become ?xplorer.exe or #xplorer.exe, not recognisable as anything to the computer. But what ever encryptor character it is it will not be decoded as a valid entry, hence will not work.

Now when Data is "Formatted" over. The entire file system is relatively untouched, the FAT tables, the File Attribute Tables, the data area telling the computer where the files are on the disk, is simply zeroed, ready to start over again... so all the files are there names intact and all. What needs to be done is find them, and copy them to another place.

Now first we shall connect up and see if we can get anything offa that drive, so we connect up our IDE/SATA drive to the hard Drive and connect the "Other" end to the USB port on the PC.

It will detect and install all necessary drivers. Hopefully the drive should then "Pop-up" in "My Computer" and now it can be accessed via Explorer to copy & paste any files as you see fit... IF however you see nothing do not despair... well not right yet anyhow .. :) we still have ways to make it "talk". Now we use dead drive tools. The best, being found at they, have free versions for private use :) ...

The software these days is foolproof and intuitive to use. it really is, just the fact, that you have taken the first step and got the USB device that will enable you to be successful. You will find a plethora of Free & Pay For, software, if you are going to choose a certain sort of recovery program, don't just download it... do a bit of research, go onto associated "Forums" "FYI'S" "WiKiS" and see what is being said about it all. You will be amazed at what you will learn.

Right now go and recover that data!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Global Warming

I have a new saying I have made up: Global Warming is just a cycle.... no need to go psycho....